Thank You Reggie

The Bowl Championship Series has been around since 1998 and June 6, 2011 is quite possibly the first time I have ever agreed with one of their decisions.

On Monday, the BCS stripped USC of its 2004 national title and decided the 2004 national champion would remain vacant.

USC celebrates a 55-19 victory over Oklahoma in the 2004 national championship game. Monday, the BCS stripped USC of their national championship and left the title vacant. (Image via Getty Images, Jamie Squire)

The BCS also removed the Trojans participation in the 2006 Rose Bowl — the 2005 national title game — in which Texas defeated USC 41-38.

The ruling from the BCS comes from the results of the NCAA investigation in which they declared Reggie Bush had received extra benefits during his time at USC therefore making him ineligible.

The Trojans 2004 national championship and their participation in the 2005 national championship game join the Trojans copy of the 2005 Heisman Trophy — won by Reggie Bush — on the list of things USC has had to forfeit.

Many believe stripping USC of their national championship is useless. Critics claim they were the best team that year, evident by their undefeated season and their spanking of Oklahoma 55-19 in the national championship game.

USC may have been head and shoulders above everyone else, but they “cheated”. As far as we know, it may have been only one player who was ruled ineligible but that shouldn’t matter.

Growing up, athletes are always taught that no matter what, you win as a team and lose as a team. It’s the teams and players that understand that concept that are the most successful. USC won a lot as team, but because of Reggie Bush, they will now lose as a team.

The vacancy of the 2004 national title won’t make us forget how dominant USC was. It won’t make us forget all the magical moments we experienced during their incredible run. Hopefully, it will do something much more than that.

Hopefully, the embarrassment and struggles USC has endured these past few years will serve as a warning to other schools.

Hopefully, this will discourage coaches like Jim Tressel from turning a blind eye and make players like Terrelle Pryor think twice before accepting improper benefits.

Hopefully, this will encourage coaches to be role models not only OFF the field, but ON the field as well. Hopefully. in the long run, this will benefit college football.

Up next to feel the wrath of the BCS is Ohio State. With each and every piece of damning information that comes forth, the BCS has to be licking their lips.

Hopefully, when Ohio State’s time comes, I will agree with two decisions made by the BCS.



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2 responses to “Thank You Reggie

  1. Definitely a good move for the BCS. They didn’t stop and contemplate whether or not they should do this, they just did it. Good decision. The benefits Reggie Bush received should taint the school program as a whole for years.

  2. Nice post! I agree wholeheartedly with what you said!

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